Underwater Enclosure

Marine science and limnological research extends to water column and reflectance measurements below the surface with the SVC diver-operated underwater enclosures.

Early underwater spectral measurements were made using special fiber optic light guides to bring the reflected energy from the underwater subject to the spectroradiometer located above the water surface. The expensive fiber optic guides proved to have extremely short service due to unintentional injury.

The approach proved it nearly impossible to acquire accurate measurements due to the poor coordination of the instrument operator and diver.

To overcome these difficulties, an underwater enclosure was developed for the GER 1500 Spectroradiometer. With this capability, scientists were able to directly observe the area of interest and direct the spectroradiometer to acquire the desired measurements.

GER 1500 Spectroradiometer Underwater Enclosure

Early Coral Measurements

Building on the many years of experience delivering underwater enclosures and spectroradiometers, SVC is pleased to offer the latest underwater enclosure for our i-Series spectroradiometers.

SVC HR-512i VNIR spectroradiometer Underwater Enclosure

The illustrated underwater enclosure houses the SVC HR-512i VNIR spectroradiometer.

Alternate enclosures are available for i-Series full range spectroradiometers as well.

The i-Series Underwater Enclosure Features Include

  • Easy instrument installation
  • Quick instrument setup via external pushbuttons
  • Operation to more than 100 ft. depth
  • Real time data display through large interface window
  • Internal camera-coordinates image with spectral file
  • Internal memory stores 1000 files & photos
  • Bluetooth allows data download without opening the enclosure
  • 10 hour battery life with the SVC HR-512i spectroradiometer


We proudly offer a wide range of accessories designed specifically for our spectroradiometers, ensuring every function you need is right at your fingertips.



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