Training Courses

On-site training courses are available for new users in field spectroscopy and light measurement. The interactive courses aim to give a greater understanding of spectral light measurements, instrumentation and accessories, best practice in field spectroscopy and reflectance data analysis. The modules below list the topics covered in the course. The content and duration of the training course can be tailored to suit your experience level, area of interest and extent of a practical field trial.

Primer Part 1 – Introduction, Instrument Communication & Operation

Primer Part 2 – Spectral Reflectance Measurements

  • Laboratory testing
  • Spectroradiometer & reflectance panel care and calibration
  • Data records & log sheets
  • SVC iSeries configurations – PDA, Laptop & Stand Alone modes
  • Data processing
  • Data download

Radiometry & Calibration

  • Jargon, Irradiance, Radiance, Exitance, Diffuse & Spectral Reflectance
  • Reflectance via radiometry & via reference panel
  • Brief introduction to BRDF & BRF
  • Calibration – spectroradiometer wavelength, radiance and irradiance
  • Calibration – diffuse reflectance panels
  • Measurement uncertainties


  • Getting to Know Your Spectroradiometer
  • Monochromators & spectrometers
  • Diffraction gratings & detector arrays
  • Spectral resolution, sampling & bandwidth
  • Alternative optical layouts
  • Field of view
  • Cosine correction & Lambertian reflectance panels

Introduction to Field Spectroscopy

  • What is field spectroscopy and what can it be used for?
  • Multi-spectral & hyper-spectral
  • Measurement geometries
  • Examples in field spectroscopy
  • Ground targets & vicarious sites
  • Sun-photometry
  • Introduction to atmospheric correction of multiband and hyper-spectral images

Field Trial

  • Minimum ½ day depending on travel time
  • Research aims
  • Survey, sampling design – point, plot & transact
  • Preparation – personnel, planning & equipment
  • Replication & pseudo-replication
  • Ambient lighting conditions, weather, atmosphere and seasonal restrictions
  • Field measurements with tripod (or monopod) – FOV & alignment
  • Field measurements – stand alone

Spectral Libraries in ENVI:

  • Creating and importing spectral data & libraries in ENVI
  • Resampling spectral libraries
  • Use in spectral matching algorithms
  • Use in spectral linear unmixing algorithms

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