The SVC HR-640i is our full range 350 nm to 2500 nm region instrument with medium spectral resolution in the SWIR region and supports many agricultural applications.

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  • Internal digital camera captures scene of target area.
  • Internal GPS provides time and location for Stand Alone, PDA and PC measurements.
  • QVGA sunlight readable touch screen delivers a quick graphic data display.
  • Second Bluetooth radio receives data from up to 16 external sensors.
  • Provides exceptionally high spectral resolution operating across the full spectral region.
  • Incorporates 100% linear array technology and cooled InGaAs detectors thus provide superior wavelength and radiometric stability.
  • State of the art linear arrays provide low noise across the 350 nm to 2500 nm range.
  • Fixed foreoptics ensure a reliable optical path for repeatable data.
  • Critical optical components are hard mounted to the spectrometer platform.
  • Provides fast, full spectral measurements with no moving gratings.
  • Internal 32-bit CPU allows measurements to be made without an external computer.
  • Full spectral measurements can be acquired in 1 second.
  • Designed for minimal set-up and warm-up time.
  • Supplied with rugged RDA with Bluetooth for wireless operation.
  • Field-changeable fiber optic light guides are available in many lengths.
  • Integral, removable Lithium Ion battery enhances mobility.

svc_hero-hr-640iThe SVC HR-640i provides high quality spectral data across the full spectral region from 350 nm to 2500 nm. The spectral resolution in the SWIR region is suitable for many applications in forestry, agriculture and environmental assessment. The ability to set parameters and review data on the touch screen makes this instrument extremely easy to use.

The internal GPS and camera add critical information to the spectral signatures and can save countless hours during the data analysis. The ability to receive this real time field data and helps guide the user towards making better measurements. Stored downwelling sensor allows the user to revisit the reference panel should a change in irradiance be detected. The use of 100% linear array detectors ensures excellent wavelength stability, while the thermoelectrically cooled InGaAs and extended InGaAs detectors provide superior radiometric stability. This instrument supports many agricultural applications”


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