GER 1500

The SVC GER 1500 is our 350 nm to 1050 nm region instrument with medium spectral resolution in the NIR region. Supports many agricultural applications.

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While no longer in production, the GER1500 is fully supported for repairs and calibrations.

  • Provides fast and accurate data acquisition on land, in or above water.
  • Simple menu-driven programs control the setup, acquisition, and data manipulation functions.
  • Generated real-time data is displayed on-screen for immediate interpretation and evaluation.
  • Software runs under current Windows operating systems for PCs and notebook computer.
  • Optional rugged PDA and Bluetooth for wireless operation.
  • Optional Underwater Enclosure allows for accurate target selection and provides a robust tool for marine and aquatic research.
  • Internal CPU and battery so that measurements can be made using only one hand.
  • Data stored in ASCII format for easy transfer to other software programs.
  • Measurements can be made as quickly as one second.

svc_hero_ger1500The GER 1500 is the proven choice of scientists around the world when acquiring VNIR spectral data for remote sensing research. The GER 1500 provides fast and accurate data acquisition on land, in or above water. This self-contained instrument integrates the spectroradiometer with an internal CPU and battery so that measurements can be made using only one hand. The unitary design eliminates the need for computers and cables to be connected during data acquisition. This makes acquiring data much easier and speeds up collection.

When operating the GER 1500 using the optional PDA outfitted with wireless Bluetooth, scientists can take data from an instrument elevated far above the tree canopy while standing firmly on the ground. In this mode, the data can be quickly viewed on the PDA before moving to the next target location. The GPS coordinates are automatically appended to each data file for precise location during data analysis.

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