The SVC Leaf-Clip Reflectance-Probe Pro model in combination with a spectroradiometer and fiber optic cable, has been designed to enable spectral measurements of various targets using artificial illumination provided by an internal tungsten halogen lamp.

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User replaceable, rugged fiber optic light guides are available in any length from .25 meters to 25 meters and can be customized to fit application.

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The WEDI-16 provides a cost effective method to monitor and record data from external sensors, while acquiring high quality spectral data with the SVC i -Series spectroradiometers.

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DC-R/T Sphere

Enjoy the enhanced accuracy and superior signal levels of both spectral reflectance and transmittance data with the conveniently integrated Spectra DC-R/T Sphere.

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Tripods, Monopods and backpacks are available to help facilitate quick and accurate field measurements when using the i-Series spectroradiometers.

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The standard 99% reflectance targets are supplied in tough, lightweight wood cases to protect the Spectralon from contamination or rough handling.

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Laboratory lamps, power supplies, instrument stands and mains power adapters help facilitate laboratory measurements.

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Computers PDAs

Spectra Vista resells a variety of high quality, rugged computing devices that can be used in the field to reliably acquire and store data from our family of instruments.

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Marine science and limnological research extends to water column and reflectance measurements below the surface with the SVC diver-operated underwater enclosures.

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Just want the data? Our latest Product Specification Matrix has exactly what you’re looking for. All of our instruments are laid side by side for easy comparison of their specifications. There’s even a link for a printable PDF.